Building Surveying


Building Surveying covers a wide spectrum of disciplines of which we specialise in the following:

Feasibility Studies
We would first suggest an appraisal of your building proposals with regard to the major influencing factors such as:

º  Planning issues.
º  Outline proposals
º  Build costs.
º  Service connections and conditions.
º  Structural considerations.
º  Timing.

Full Building Surveys (previously known as a full structural survey)

The building survey is a detailed inspection of the construction and condition of a property. Our surveys are fully supported with photographic evidence and are made available in paper and electronic format for your ease of use.

The survey will provide detailed information about:

º  The age and construction type of the building.
º  Any major faults with the structure.
º  Specific issues that need to be addressed and the likely cost.
º  Diagnosis of significant defects that will require specialist treatment e.g. 'rising damp'.
º  The likely presence of toxic substances and dangerous applications such as; asbestos containing
    materials and non safety glazing.
º  The overall impression of the quality of services such as; water, drainage, gas & electricity.
º  The condition and extent of boundaries and the grounds including out-buildings.
º  Any observations regarding the neighbouring properties and areas that may be of significance.

Defects Analysis.

Our services can be engaged to diagnose the cause of specific defect such as; 'a damp chimney breast' and to produce remediation reports that can be used to obtain quotations and carry out repairs.

'Party Wall' Issues

When a proposed building project will affect a neighbouring owner's property, the 'Party Wall Act' 1996 applies. The Act sets out procedures that must be followed before carrying out any work to afford legal protection to all concerned.

We can advise on the correct procedures and ensure that the legislation is correctly followed.